Florida Senator Marco Rubio continues his offensive against Iowa frontrunner Senator Ted Cruz. Specifically, Rubio continues to allege that Cruz is soft on immigration and once supported legalization of illegal immigrants.

"The truth is everyone running on the Republican side supports strong conservative positions," Rubio said on CBS' Face The Nation. "But when you run by telling everyone you're the only purist in the field, you're the only one who's consistent conservative, well I think then your record is going to have a light shone on it and, in this case, has proven that, in fact, well after the immigration debate had ended, he was still talking about how he was open to legalizing people and how important it was to bring people out of the shadows and so-forth."

Cruz joined Hannity to respond to Rubio's most recent attacks.

"I understand the Rubio campaign, they told The New York Times last week that they were panicking because they're down in third and fourth place in states all over the country and they've got to do something to change it," Cruz said to guest-host Mark Steyn. "But he knows very well that the attacks he's saying are not true."

Cruz isn't alone in saying that Rubio's attacks aren't true. In recent days a number of high-profile conservatives have lined up to defend the Texas senator's record on immigration including Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin.

"I'm a big believer at the end of the day, 'truth will out'," continued Cruz. "[Rubio's] record and mine are very different and anyone paying the least bit of attention can see when it comes to amnesty and illegal immigration and immigration generally we are on opposite sides of the fence."

Watch Senator Ted Cruz defend his record against Senator Marco Rubio: