The issue of Immigration turned out to be one of the most contentious issues in Tuesday's Fox Business/Wall Street Journal GOP primary debate. The issue led to several tense moments, including a heated exchange between Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

"We either have a country or we don't, Sean," Trump said during last night's post-debate analysis. "If we have a country we have to have borders. We have borders we have to have laws. We either have a country or we don't and it's that simple."

Trump also spoke out on the economic cost of illegal immigration.

"I've heard the number is 250 billion dollars a year," Trump noted. "Frankly it's an expensive proposition moving and everything els, but you're talking about tremendous amounts of money spent, not to mention other things. For instance, when you look at crime and other things that happen that are also very bad. So, we're talking about 250 billion dollars a yearend that's a lot of money for a country that owes 19 trillion dollars."

Watch Sean's interview with Donald Trump from last night's post-debate analysis: