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ObamaCare Deadline Passes

ObamaCare's open enrollment period officially ended yesterday. Of course, we know that this is a soft deadline, as Americans simply had to get in line for coverage rather than complete the process.

Obama to Putin: Move the troops

The crisis in Ukraine has been unfolding for weeks, and recently culminated in the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Since then, Russia has been amassing troops at the border of Ukraine and Obama has finally decided to talk tough.

Harry Reid in hot water

Senator Harry Reid is in hot water over using campaign funds to buy gifts for donors, and the gifts were bought from Reid's granddaughter.

ObamaCare tips the scales

ObamaCare is officially the greatest domestic policy disaster this country has probably ever witnessed. Its failures go far beyond a website. This is an epic fail that will be studied in history books for years to come.

Romney right on Russia?

ABC's Jonathan Karl asked a very good question of Barack Obama yesterday: "In the light of recent developments, do you think Mitt Romney had a point when he said that Russia is America's biggest geopolitical foe?"

ObamaCare in the Supreme Court

Today the Supreme Court heard two highly anticipated cases including Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby. The sticking point is whether or not the government can force a business like Hobby Lobby to offer emergency contraception under its health plan, which goes against the religious beliefs of the company owners.

Outrageous: Rangel

I'm getting really tired of Democrats playing the race card against conservatives. It's a powerful weapon and they use it without any basis in truth.

An end to the mystery

This morning the Malaysian Prime Minister announced with great sadness that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

ObamaCare's 4th Birthday

ObamaCare turned four years old over the weekend, but there isn't a lot to celebrate. The law remains a disaster and burden for millions of Americans.

Manufactured news

Yesterday I told you about a report that Jay Carney receives questions from the press in advance of his briefings. Sometimes he even answers the questions in writing before the live Q&A. This set off a firestorm of criticism and the reporter making the claim is backing off.

Misplaced priorities

The world is on the verge of chaos. We have Vladimir Putin taking over part of Ukraine. There's no word on the missing Malaysian airliner. You'd think President Obama would have his priorities in order.

Mid-term election tone changes

Whether or not Democrats would like to admit it, the special election of Republican David Jolly in Florida has changed the tone of the mid-term election discussion.

Malaysian Airline Mystery

It's been almost two weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing. Family members of the missing passengers are rightly becoming more upset about the lack of information regarding their loved ones.

ObamaCare Updates

Can you believe that it has been five months since the rollout of the ObamaCare exchanges and it still remains a top news story? This is because the stories continue to pour in related to this disastrous law.

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