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Worldwide Music Video Premiere - Jack Blades!

Hannity’s got the worldwide premiere of the video for Jack Blades’ new single, “Back In The Game”. The song is the first track from Blades’ forthcoming album ROCK N’ ROLL RIDE. The video imparts a strong patriotic message of the debt of gratitude owed to the military of this nation.

Catholics mocked at the Grammy's?

What a week for the Catholics. Not only does news arise that President Obama was planning for a health care mandate that Catholic organizations would be required to provide birth control to patients and employee insurance programs, but now the music world takes aim too!

Aguilera/Palin Controversy Fake

Last week, US Weekly reported that Sarah Palin had called in to Fox News host Sean Hannity‘s radio show following Christina Aguilera‘s National Anthem Superbowl flub and called the singer an “airhead.” What US weekly hadn’t bothered to check was whether the story was even real.