ObamaCare signup

If you can believe, ObamaCare became law five years ago. Yet it remains as unpopular as ever, and for good reason.

Marking the anniversary, Obama slammed its critics, calling on them to “embrace reality.”

Well the reality is this …

A report from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that healthcare premiums are 24.4% higher than they would have been without ObamaCare.

Rather than more competition in the marketplace, the number of insurance carriers has shrunk, which means that prices go up and quality goes down.

The CBO estimates that the cost of ObamaCare will be way more than Obama promised, reaching $1.2 trillion.

It's no wonder that over 200 straight polls taken over the years have found ObamaCare to be growing in its unpopularity. Despite what they promised, the more we learn about it, the less we like it.