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Outrageous: Steve Israel

We have another Democrat pulling the race card, again. It's become the Left's favorite tactic and it's been used particularly frequently over the last few weeks.

Holding Holder accountable

Tensions ran high this week as Attorney General Eric Holder took the hot seat before the House Judiciary Committee.

Lerner in contempt?

This week the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will vote to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress.

Harry Reid in hot water

Senator Harry Reid is in hot water over using campaign funds to buy gifts for donors, and the gifts were bought from Reid's granddaughter.

Romney right on Russia?

ABC's Jonathan Karl asked a very good question of Barack Obama yesterday: "In the light of recent developments, do you think Mitt Romney had a point when he said that Russia is America's biggest geopolitical foe?"

Outrageous! Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to hyperbole and dumb statements, but her latest one is a doozie.

Outrageous: Harry Reid!

The Democrats are so desperate to defend ObamaCare that they are willing to call the American people liars. That is going to backfire on them in November.

Attacking Ted Cruz

There's an emerging trend that is oddly uniting the mainstream media and some Republicans and that is their mutual attacks on Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Curbing power

Do you think Barack Obama is overstepping his legal authority by unilaterally changing parts of ObamaCare? If you ask Americans how they feel about Obama bypassing Congress, the answer is clear: Americans do not believe this is the way things are supposed to work and they do not approve of Obama doing so.

Robbing from our kids

Republicans in Congress have caved on the debt ceiling. They passed a clean bill yesterday to extend the debt limit until March 2015. Their unwillingness to fight on issues such as this reinforces the shared frustration amongst conservatives who are tired of politicians going to Washington and giving up on our principles.

Rand Paul sues Obama over NSA surveillance

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is taking the battle over our protected freedoms to court. He is joining a lawsuit against the Obama administration regarding the NSA collection of phone data on every American.

Can you believe it? Another ObamaCare delay!

The Obama administration has yet again delayed the implementation of a portion of ObamaCare. This unilateral executive action has become an unprecedented pattern of lawlessness that threatens the integrity of our Constitution.

The Hillary Papers

Is Hillary Clinton the inevitable Democratic nominee for president in 2016? After losing the nomination in 2008, anyone should be suspect of the word “inevitable” in politics.

Obama's pre-Super Bowl interview

Before kickoff yesterday, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly sat down with President Obama in a ten minute interview. When challenged on issues such as Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, and ObamaCare, Obama seemed defensive, going so far as to blame Fox News.

SOTU & Executive Action

Tomorrow night Barack Obama will address the nation in his fifth State of the Union address. We've already gotten a bit of a preview of what we can expect, and it isn't likely to sit well with many Americans.

Focusing on the economy

Republicans have determined that it is now time to focus on the economy in order to win in November's midterm elections. Why? Because Obama now owns the economy.

Christie's “Bridgegate” Scandal

Chris Christie has dominated the headlines for the last day or so. He and his administration have been ensnared in a scandal dubbed “bridgegate,” and the media is having a field day. Anything to distract from ObamaCare and make Republicans look bad.

2014...Here we go

We are just eleven months away from the mid-term elections, and these elections will be as crucial as ever, perhaps even more so.