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Pop Culture

Hannity Theme Song 2013

The Dietz family Christmas light show for 2013 contained 36,000 flashing lights synchronized to music by using 4 Light-O-Rama (LOR) light controllers, connected to half a mile of extension cords!

Three Kidnapped Girls Found Alive

If you haven't been following this story, its truly unbelievable. It takes place in Cleveland, Ohio. Three young girls were kidnapped separately by a sick man about a decade ago. The women are Amanda Berry (now 27) who was kidnapped in 2003 just before her 17th birthday; Gina DeJesus (now 23) who was kidnapped in 2004; and Michelle Knight (now 32) who was kidnapped in 2002 at the age of 20.

Gun Control Debate Moves Forward

Today is a big day in the Senate, as the debate over gun control really kicks into gear. The Senate voted this morning to start debate on the Democrat's gun bill, along with a host of amendments, including the Toomey-Manchin compromise on background checks. Sixteen Republicans ended up voting for the motion to proceed, with two Democrats voting against.

Party Time!

While you, the hard-working American people, are shut out from the White House, celebrities and rock stars will be filing in tonight for a star-studded performance in the East Room. The Obama's lavish lifestyle continues tonight with a concert celebrating Memphis soul.

The politics of Easter

While billions of Christians around the world celebrated Easter Sunday, the holiday did not pass in this country without political controversy.

Gay Marriage Debate Continues

We are in day two of the heated debate over same sex marriage as the Supreme Court heard arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act today, after yesterday's Proposition 8 argument.

Political Correctness: Ban the Easter Bunny

We have an elementary school in Alabama that has apparently banned the word “Easter.” The school is going to host an egg hunt, but you can't call the eggs “Easter eggs.” Why? For the sake of religious diversity. Seriously! Apparently just mentioning the word “Easter” is somehow offensive to other religions, and therefore should not be allowed in our schools.

Gun control debate to come

After the Easter recess, the Senate is set to begin consideration of gun control legislation, but not without controversy.

Obama frustrates the media

One of the biggest stories of the day is the “frustration” of the White House press corps.

America's Shameful Support for Dorner

Since releasing his manifesto last week, the ex-LA cop killer Christopher Dorner received a reaction that has many, including myself, shaking ours heads.

The Pope Resigns

The major headline news story of the day is the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February 28th. This isn't something we would ever expect to see in our lifetimes, considering the last time this happened was almost 600 years ago.

Obama-Mania Media Hypocrisy

Let’s highlight the coverage, or lack thereof, of the Bob Menendez sex scandal in the mainstream media.

Sean's take on Costas gun control controversy

Sean kicked off Tuesday's show and briefly touched on the controversy surrounding halftime comments made by sportscaster Bob Costas during NBC's Sunday Night Football broadcast.

Major Announcment for Junior Tennis

For those of you that have been following this issue, you know that I have been very critical of the USTA and its proposed changes and reductions in national tournament opportunities for Juniors.

Sean's acting debut!

Sean's acting debut in the new hit movie "Atlas Shrugged, Pt. II"