While The World Burns
It's great to be home and back in the States but I have to share with you that, while my focus last week was on Israel and their challenges, I have definitely not turned an eye from ISIS in Iraq. Evil is unfolding before our eyes as this militant group grows in power and Washington just now is turning their eyes to this issue. This group is very wealthy, very heavily armed and they have their eyes set on worldwide domination. The American military has engaged with a few airstrikes but I really don't think pinprick airstrikes will be enough to stop the mass-genocide. These airstrikes are not going to defeat ISIS and Obama and his staff has stressed that he won't send boots on the ground and he's hiding behind the failed Iraqi government. The President doesn't want to get involved in Iraq, the President wants to lead from behind. The President is too passive and too weak to lead and seemingly will only act when a crisis is forced upon him. America desperately needs leadership and a clear focus on doing what's right to support our allies. While the world continues to burn, we could stand to spend some time supporting our allies, like Israel, and focusing on protecting those in Iraq who share our vision of peace. If you haven't seen this article on Fox News yet, you should really take a look.  It tells the story of our airstrikes and begs the question, have they really been successful against ISIS.

Economic Recovery?
Barack Obama recently bragged about his economic recovery. Is he living in the same country we are? Although the economy added over 200,000 jobs last month, our labor force participation rate continues to hover around a 30 year low. In other words, people have given up looking for work. Entrepreneurship is declining and business creation is declining. Medium income has been on the decline during Obama's entire presidency. The number of Americans collecting food stamps has grown since the recession officially ended. The rate of poverty has also risen under Obama. Relying on shallow economic indicators to tout your message to low information voters isn't going to change reality. The reality is that Americans deserve better. For more on this, check out Hannity.com.