Not The American Way
I think the Nazi analogy is often misused but when you talk about blowing up another country again and again and you take efforts to do so, I think that's real and you have to believe it. Isis controls more land mass than Al Qaeda and they have enough uranium to create a dirty bomb and, what's worse, the Isis spokesman has repeatedly said he'll, "see us in the White House." What are we doing about all of this? We're kind of just putting our heads in the sand and watching this play out in slow motion. I really don't know why President Obama is so lacking a sense of urgency but he is! Isis is targeting Christian children. Children! I'm not saying we need boots on the ground in Iraq but we really need an American president who is more devoted to American foreign policy than his golf game. We have a real clear present danger, this is not a game we're talking about and if these people are successful, there will be a modern day slaughter. We sat back in 1994 in Rwanda and we really can't make that mistake again. That's not the American way.

Obama The King
Thank goodness for our system of checks and balances. Obama is recently quoted as saying, "If I had the power to raise the federal minimum wage on my own, or enact fair pay and paid leave for every worker on my own, or make college more affordable on my own, I would have done so already. If I could do all that, I would have gotten everything done in like my first two years." Obama may personally think his ideas are great, but it's dangerous to think that one person could create laws unilaterally. But that hasn't stopped Obama from pushing the limits of his executive authority on a number of issues ranging from immigration laws to welfare work requirements. America does not have a King, and we should be grateful for the checks in place that ensure one branch of our government cannot become too powerful.

Obama's War on Coal 
A dozen states have now filed a lawsuit against the EPA. Fulfilling his pre-presidency promise to bankrupt the coal industry, Obama's new Clean Power Plan will achieve just that. The new regulations could cause American electric bills to rise annually by more than 10%. How dumb is this? Read More