The Truth About Iran
According to the U.S. Department of State, Iran has long been an active sponsor of Islamic terrorism, including accusations of it supporting subversive activities in Iraq.

The country has increased financial aid and supplies to Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Pakistan and Syria. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Ministry of Intelligence and Security were involved in the planning of and support for terrorist acts and continued to exhort a variety of groups that use terrorism to pursue their goals.

Several terrorist groups including Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestine Islamic Jihad, and Ahmad Jibril's PFLP-GC have been provided funding, training, and weapons in Iran.

United States Department of State has declared Iran a state sponsored terrorist country. Iran has sponsored Hezbollah, Hamas, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC - Pasdaran-e Inqilab), the Taliban, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. The support includes, but is not limited to the supply of weapons and money.

Sean talked about "Daisy 2", a digital campaign backed by Sean and a nonprofit organization called "Secure America Now."

Allen Roth, President of Secure America Now, told Sean that "Daisy 2 is part of a digital campaign that will educate Americans on the dangers of a nuclear Iran and activate Secure America Now's grassroots army to demand policymakers listen to our concerns."

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Moral Equivalence
We need to spend a moment addressing the situation in Ferguson which has gotten really out of control. For those who haven’t heard, Ferguson, Missouri is under siege by rioters who’re protesting the tragic death of Michael Brown at the hands of police officers.

Today, the President has weighed in on this and is now drawing a moral equivalence between the police and rioting protestors. Look, there are bad cops but I do have confidence in our law enforcement officials. I believe that these men and women go into this profession to serve and protect, I believe that they’re called to this service. The reality of this tragedy is that we don’t know what happened and this will take time. What we do need is a civil discussion of the facts and a bit of trust in the American judicial system.