Ferguson Police say Michael Brown was Suspect in Robbery
A St. Louis police chief identified the officer whose fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager ignited days of heated protests, and released documents alleging the teen was killed after a robbery in which he was suspected of stealing a $48.99 box of cigars.

Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Thomas Jackson said the robbery took place just before noon on Saturday at a convenience store roughly 10 minutes before a police officer identified as Darren Wilson fired the bullet that killed Michael Brown. Police say that the shot was fired after a struggle touched off by Wilson's confronting Brown. Jackson said Wilson is a six-year veteran with no disciplinary action on his record.

At a press conference this afternoon, authorities said the police officer who shot Brown did not know he was a robbery suspect at the time.

The news conference came after nearly a week of violent protests. Police previously said they withheld Wilson's identity because of the potential for threats on the officer and his family. The officer has been on administrative leave since the shooting.
More Wasteful Government Spending
There is no end to the number of useless ways the government dreams up to spend your tax dollars. CNSNews has gathered a few ridiculous examples.

The Bureau of Land Management is going to spend $450,000 of your tax dollars to help Native American tribes adapt to climate change.

The National Institutes of Health gave almost $400,000 of your tax dollars to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to eliminate health disparities among taxi drivers in New York City. The State Department spent almost half a million dollars teaching Afghan women to play cricket.

And $10.4 million of your tax dollars went towards “empower” young girls in Malawi to use birth control.

You can't make this stuff up! Unbelievable.