Tel Aviv Radio
I really loved my time in Israel and I was so happy when I could put together a segment on my radio show where I only took calls from Israeli listeners of 102 FM in Israel. I want everyone in Israel to know, and I've said this to folks everywhere, that I was amazed at how small Israel is. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and has 7 million people fitting in a country the size of New Jersey. What frustrates me is that Israel has always been a friend of the United States and yet our administration is certainly not acting as if that relationship is important. It meant so much when I was able to talk with Tammy from Jerusalem. When I heard her say, "I'm so thankful that Israel has someone like you." The truth is though that I'm truly humbled by the love and support I received from people like Tammy and I only hope that I can continue to convince Americans across our country that we have truly great allies in Israel and we need to do everything we can to ensure their safety and security. If you'd like, you can listen to my entire interview on Tel Aviv Radio by clicking here.

Obama Vacation Resumes
As the parents of American journalist James Foley expressed their loss to the public, president Obama was joyfully fist-bumping with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning on the golf course. James Foley got five minutes worth of the president's attention; Alonzo Mourning got five hours. What kind of message does the president's actions send to the parents of Foley, the American people and to those responsible for this horrific act? For one, it shows that the president doesn't seem to take the issue seriously. If he did, he would have made his remarks about Foley's execution at the hands of ISIS militants and then headed to the Situation Room, or at least back to Washington. This is the first American killed at the hands of a radical group, which has expressed its desire to "drown all [Americans] in blood." Shouldn't the president at least pretend to be concerned? Our president and his administration seem to have misplaced priorities and completely lack a sense of appropriateness when it comes to timing and optics. Now, more so than ever, we need leadership. Where is the leader of the free world? On the ninth hole.