Paul Ryan: The Conversation We Need To Have
After losing the 2012 Presidential election and then seeing how the second term of the Obama administration has taken our country in a completely different direction than I wanted to take it, I've had to take some time to recollect my thoughts and figure out how we can spark a conservative revolution that would spark the imagination of Americans everywhere. Where are we now and where do we need to go?

If you had to sum it all up you'd have to say that hardworking Americans aren't getting the government they deserve and the government isn't respecting them. America is losing its standing in the world and what that means we lose our prosperity and our national security! Americans want to get back to our founding principles and that's why I spent some time writing my book, "The Way Forward" because I want to help feed the debate.

I believe Americans are now waking up to see that the rhetoric of 2012 that Americans bought into are now realizing that the reality doesn't look anything like that. This is our chance, not to say, "I told you so," but a chance to show how you take our founding principles and reapply them to the problems of the day.

This is the kind of conversation we need to have.

Exclusive: Imam Anjem Choudary on Rise of Radical Islam
Although the world is focusing on the ISIS terror network in Iraq and Syria, we must point out that the rise of radical Islam is not just confined to the Middle East. Sean spoke with Imam Aniem Choudary, a controversial Muslim cleric in London, who has advocated for Britain to become an Islamic state and follow Sharia Law.

Last week, Imam Anjem Choudary tweeted, "Whatever Prime Minister David Cameron and [Home Secretary Teresa (ph)] may do, they cannot stop the rise of the awakening giant called the Muslim Umma. Sharia will one day be law in the UK!"

And that's not all. The main suspect in the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley was reportedly radicalized by Choudary's followers.

Choudary, has blamed the killing of Foley on America. “The fact is that this has a precursor. Every cause has an effect. If the Americans bomb and murder hundreds of thousands of people and they torture people and they continue to do so in Guantanamo Bay, obviously, this will have repercussions,” the controversial Imam stated.

Sean was disgusted by Choudary’s response and the conversation quickly became heated. To watch the whole discussion, please click here.