EXCLUSIVE: Sean’s Interview with Benjamin Netanyahu
Last night on ‘Hannity’, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an exclusive one-on-one interview with Sean and discussed the on going crisis in Israel.

Netanyahu reiterated to Sean that he regretted every civilian casualty that has occurred as a result of the conflict.

“I think we're in a terrible conflict with a terrible enemy. And we regret -- I personally regret and the people of Israel regret every civilian casualty that we have. Israel does not target civilians. It targets the terrorists.

But here's what these terrorists are doing, terrorists like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and like ISIS and like Boko Haram. Hamas is no different. They have absolutely no regard for civilians. So the first thing they do is they target our civilians. They fired 3,500 rockets into our cities, covering 80 percent of our population.

Just imagine 250 million Americans will have to be on alert to get into bomb shelters against incoming rockets into American cities. You have 90 seconds at most to go into a bomb shelter.

That's the first thing they do, they target civilians. Then they dig terror tunnels into our territory so they can send death squads to kill our children, our citizens, and kidnap our people. Imagine that, OK?

So what would you do in the United States, or in any country that is now looking at us. What would you say to your government?”…(continue reading)