4:05pm EST - Jeffrey Lord, contributing editor to the American Spectator and Juan Williams, Fox News Political Analyst are here to talk about the many lies of Brian Williams and how NBC should handle their star anchor. Remember when Juan Williams was fired swiftly and without much consideration from NPR for his comments about Muslims on planes, there was no deliberation, he was judge and juried by the public and the network swiftly. Williams who has blatantly lied about both an Iraq experience, and now an event that never happened during Hurricane Katrina, has still not been punished or been held accountable in any way for these boldface untruths.

5:05pm EST - Juliana Taimoorazy Founder and President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and Jeff Gardner-Director of Communications with Restore Nineveh Now - both Jeff & Juliana are shocked by the President’s attack on Christians during the prayer breakfast. Jeff was in Iraq just last week, and 30 miles from an ISIS attack. ISIS is not on the defense and people, CHILDREN, are being raped and murdered by those who consider life to be very, very cheap, particularly Christian life. Jeff also happens to be an expert in history and has a PhD. in Medieval studies and religion, cites the crusades that Obama wants to remind everyone about were a response to Islamic attacks. Juliana wants to know why the President can remember the crusades, but seems to have forgotten the victims of ISIS right now.

5:35pm EST - Jennifer Stefano, VP of Americans for Prosperity and Bob Deans, Natural Resources Defense Council - Senate has passed legislation allowing for the keystone pipeline, and next week it will be Congress’s turn to do the same with the amendments that the Senate has made.

Stefano has long been advocate of the Keystone Pipeline and knows that we can become dependent on our domestic production of oil and natural gas, freeing us of the Middle East and creating jobs for Americans. NRDC has a petition against the Keystone Pipeline.