Chris Christie

3:30 P.M. EST - Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien - The New Hampshire state representative made headlines after she confronted Hillary Clinton about Bill Clinton’s abuse of women at a campaign event on Sunday.

Prudhomme-O’Brien told Breitbart news yesterday that she is getting threats from Clinton supporters

“I need to watch my back. I need to watch my car. I need to watch my kids,” she said, reciting some of the threats she’s received by email.

“People told me, ‘Your political career is over. You’ll never get re-elected.’ I’m not sure I’ll run for re-election. I care more about this issue than my own political career. That’s what makes me different than Hillary Clinton.”

4:05PM EST - Jamie Dupree - The Washington Insider brings us the latest from the 2016 campaign trails and Capitol Hill, including:

“The White House on Monday evening released details about the executive actions to be taken by President Obama on guns, as the plans focus on ways to force more gun buyers to go through background checks and to have gun sellers get a federal license to sell firearms.”

4:30 PM EST - Presidential Candidate Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is “Cruzin through Iowa” and the polls show him winning. What does the Senator have to say about the President’s overreach into America’s second amendment rights? Cruz has told the Oregonian protestors led by Mr. Bundy to stand down, how would he handle the situation as President? There are many within in the Senator’s own party who don’t like him how does he intend to win over the nation?

5:05PM EST - Leslie Marshall, Host of the Leslie Marshall Show and a Fox News Contributor & Cherylyn Harley LeBon lawyer, former Senior Counsel with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, & a Contributing Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas Texas will address President Obama’s speech today on his gun control initiatives.

5:30 PM EST - Presidential Candidate Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, has a very bad report card in his home state of New Jersey, and has not been in New Jersey for close to 300 days in 2015. How does he expect to win over the country when he is not winning in his home state? How can he blame Marco Rubio for not showing up to work, when he is guilty of the same?