Ohio Gov. John Kasich


**John Kasich announces his run for President for 2016 - #16 in the Republican field

**Obama spent the weekend in NYC going to Broadway shows and hanging out with his family, today he is back & visiting the John Stewart show - and the flags are still not flying at half mast for our 5 dead soldier in Tennessee

**Trump isn’t backing down from his blunt approach even as fellow Republicans bash him and DeBlasio promises to pull all business in NY from his company

**Iranian nuclear deal has done nothing for the hatred that Iran feels for America as they promise to trampe the United States - Kerry is confused

**Planned Parenthood faces more scrutiny with price haggling claims

4:05 P.M. EST - Jamie Dupree

With Donald Trump not giving an inch in his very public feud with Sen. John McCain and other top GOP leaders, a new national poll showed him well ahead of the Republican field, even as a leading newspaper in Iowa said it was time for Trump to go back to being a businessman.

“He has become “the distraction with traction,” the Des Moines Register said in an editorial, labeling Trump a “feckless blowhard who can generate headlines, name recognition and polling numbers not by provoking thought, but by provoking outrage.”

“Trump should pull the plug on his bloviating side show,” the Register headline crackled.

The editorial came out a few hours after a new ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Trump the clear leader in the Republican field, though it noted that Trump’s support had softened on Sunday, after he ridiculed the war record of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

4:35 P.M. EST- Kevin Jackson Executive Director of the The Black Sphere, LLC, Author of Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies, and The BIG Black Lie and Syndicated radio show host at WGUL 860 in Tampa FL (Salem) & Dr. Cathleen London of Doctors for America and the National Physicians Alliance debate the issues of the day:

**Planned parenthood has more to explain today as news breaks about price haggling for body parts

**Kate Steinle died 3 weeks ago today, and her father Jim Steinle appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee today as the House prepares to vote on sanctuary cities, others who testified as well before the Judiciary panel today are Laura Wilkerson, the mother of Joshua Wilkerson, a Texas teenager killed by an illegal immigrant in 2010; Brian McCann, the brother of Dennis McCann, killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk in Chicago in 2011; and Michael Ronnebeck, the uncle of Grant Ronnebeck, an Arizona convenience store clerk gunned down in January, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record.

**The White House has yet to lower the flags for the murders of 5 service members by an Islamic terrorist in Tennessee, even tho the people’s house was a bright rainbow after the vote on gay marriage

**Our veterans still are not receiving the care they are owed and deserve and Obama is so upset about it he is back in NYC today to appear on John Stewart


Governor John Kasich announces his entrance into the race for President in 2016, citing some pretty big accomplishments such as being the former House Budget chairman and architect of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, which hasn’t been done since. Kasich also has 18 years of national security experience; As a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, John Kasich was a key supporter of President Ronald Reagan’s national security policies and played a role in every major national security effort that helped end the Cold War. And as the Governor of Ohio he closed Ohio’s $8 billion budget shortfall without a tax increase, turned the state’s 89-cent rainy day fund into a $2 billion surplus, cut taxes by $5 billion—the biggest tax cut of any state, and helped Ohioans create more than 300,000 private sector jobs in four years.

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