Hannity at the Border
The Hannity Show is at the border in Texas today, but the president couldn't be bothered to do the same. Instead, he's chosen to shoot pool, fund raise for Democrats and blame Republicans for the crisis at our borders. Yesterday Obama met with Texas Governor Rick Perry, though still refused to visit the border. You can read Governor Perry's full statement regarding that meeting and his suggestions for the president here . While in Dallas, Obama gave a speech about the problem at our border, which mainly focused on blaming others. That's not surprising. Throughout his entire presidency, Obama and his administration have perfected the art of blame: George W. Bush, ATMs, the weather, Republican obstructionists. Yet Obama himself asked, “Are folks more interested in politics, or are they more interested in solving the problem?” If Obama really stood by that, he would recognize that visiting the border isn't about politics, it's about showing that you have an interest in solving the problem.

Most Believe Obama Is To Blame
A poll conducted by Investor's Business Daily and TIPP found that 59% of Americans agree that “the recent flow of migrants is the result of the administration’s pro-immigration policies and its lack of focus on securing the border.” The Washington Free Beacon reports , “The federal program for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC)—which provides long-term foster care, apparel, and interpreter services for thousands of young illegal immigrants, the majority of which are placed in the United States—has already cost $263 million this year.” The program is on pace to spend $1 billion this year. According to Ernest Istook , we could save 99.5% of the money Obama has requested to deal with the border crisis by simply flying illegal immigrants back to their home countries. He estimates that the unofficial reported cost of permanently taking care of the living expenses for illegal immigrants is $250 per person per day, indefinitely. Compare that to the cost of a one-way ticket and the cost savings for the U.S. taxpayers is a no-brainer. In the end, this administration doesn't seem all that serious about securing the border. Only about $100 million of the requested billions would go towards border security, according to Governor Perry. If we can't do that first, then how can we expect that the problem won't continue to swell and in a few years time, we wouldn't need even more money to cover the costs of a continuing humanitarian crisis?

While Americans grow increasingly concerned about Obama's unilateral, executive actions, he's actually doubling down on his efforts and taunting Republicans who may try to stop him. While not visiting the border in Texas, Obama in Austin today addressed the economy. He wants to do more unilaterally in the face of what he describes as Congressional inaction. What Obama fails to realize, is that there is no provision in the Constitution which says that the Executive Branch can act on behalf of the Legislative Branch if Congress decides not to pass laws the president wants. Nevertheless, there is growing tension among those who wish to limit this imperial president. What's clear is that this presidency is out of control and pushing beyond the bounds of its Constitutional authority. The challenge is finding the appropriate way to check this power in a time of heightened partisanship.