Bipartisan Blame for Border Crisis
How are the American people reacting to the crisis at our borders? A vast majority are upset with President Obama's handling of the situation, but even more are upset with Congressional Republicans. Is it fair that Republicans are being blamed?

A brand new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that 58% of Americans disapprove of Obama's handling of the crisis at our border and this includes 54% of American Latinos. It gets even worse for Congressional Republicans with 66% of Americans disapproving of what they've done to address the crisis. However, it's very possible that conservatives could be the ones upset with Republicans for their failure to secure the border first. What is clear is that the American people aren't happy with how Washington is handling this crisis.

In my mind, the fault lies particularly with Barack Obama, whose policies have fueled the current influx. Not only that, but he then chooses not to lead on the issue by refusing to visit the border and see the crisis for himself. And considering his propensity to use executive orders to achieve his goals, he certainly isn't running to the podium to announce any executive orders to stem the tide of this current crisis.

Why is it so important that Obama visit the border? Let me explain...(continue reading)

Israel Responds to Hamas Attacks
The situation in Israel continues to escalate. About a week ago, rockets began flying between Israel and Hamas, with Gaza firing over 1,000 rockets at Israeli cities.

But for Israel's Iron Dome, who knows how much carnage we would be witnessing. Within the last day, Hamas rejected an Egyptian plan calling for a ceasefire and therefore the bombings are continuing.

Now there are reports that Hamas is using rockets supplied by Iran to attack Israel. Last week, White House Middle East Special Assistant Philip Gordon had the audacity to blame Israel for the current violence, stating that Israel’s ongoing “occupation” of the West Bank is wrong and leads to regional instability.

This administration says that Israel is our “closest friend,” yet comes out with comments such as that? I simply don't understand this administration.