The Border Is Secure?
There's no doubt that there's a humanitarian crisis at our borders, with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants making their way into this country, most of them unaccompanied children. As many as 90,000 are expected to make it into the United States by October. Border patrol, military assets and charities in these border states have mobilized to deal with the overwhelming number of people who have come over the last few months.

Yet Democrats believe that our border is secure?

Considering everything we've witnessed over the last few weeks, it's almost flabbergasting that Democrats like Harry Reid are telling us that “the border is secure.” Seriously? Either he is lying or delusional.

Other Democrats like Rep. John Lewis tweeted, “This is America. Our doors are open.”

How are we expected to solve a problem of a porous border if lawmakers can't even admit that we have one?

Immigration Tops Americans' Concerns
Thanks to Obama's border crisis, immigration has now surged to the top of the list of concerns that Americans have about our country, virtually tying “dissatisfaction with government.”

A brand new Gallup poll finds that 17% of Americans are now concerned about immigration, up from just 5% in June. This is the highest level of concern expressed on this issue since 2006 and virtually ties Americans' dissatisfaction with government as the country's top problem. If anything, the White House has achieved its goal of making people concerned about the issue and now the government has a problem to “fix.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Texas Governor Rick Perry says that what we are seeing on our border is nothing short of a “moral outrage.” He points out that only a small fraction of the money Obama has requested from Congress would go towards solving the core problem – our porous border – and the vast majority of the money would go towards treating the symptom. I've said this many times before: Securing the border is a must if we don't want to be having this debate again and again in the years to come. I cannot, for the life of me, understand the opposition to this fundamental task of the federal government.

Rick Perry also points out an alarming fact...(continue reading)