President Checks Out
We have crisis spreading throughout the world, yet where is President Obama's urgency? It's as if he has checked out. Our closest ally Israel is being bombarded with rockets and is forced to launch a ground offensive in Gaza.

Russian separatists have shot down a passenger plane in Ukraine, a country still struggling with Putin's armed rebels. ISIS has declared a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across our own borders, resulting in a humanitarian crisis. What is the president up to?

He played golf over the weekend.

He's attending fundraisers. In fact, Obama chose to visit Texas and go to fundraisers, without visiting the border and seeing the crisis he's enabled with his own eyes. Now he is headed to the West Coast for more fundraising in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. This seems to be a trend with this president...(continue reading)

Gov. Perry to send National Guard troops to Mexican border
Texas Governor Rick Perry has stepped up to do the job the federal government refuses to do. He is sending 1,000 troops from the Texas National Guard to the Mexican border.

The Obama administration has failed to support Perry's request for troops, so they have forced him to take a stand and go it alone in order to protect his state.

The White House reacted, calling Perry's move symbolic and criticized him for not providing “the kinds of communication that you’d ordinarily see from a governor when they want to make a deployment like this.”

Um, didn't Perry meet with the president and explicitly ask for – in person and in writing – Obama to send troops to the border?

How much more communication do they need? The fact is that this administration has no intention of dealing with this border crisis, and especially not on Perry's terms.