Religious Freedom Under Fire
Religious freedom around the world is being challenged. The State Department issued a report on religious freedom this week. The rights of minorities continue to be repressed by several of our adversaries, such as Iran, while religious communities are being displaced more than any time in recent history. Unfortunately the report failed to designate certain countries as countries of concern, and this oversight should raise some eyebrows. The following countries failed to make the list: Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan and Vietnam. Iraq and Syria have been in the spotlight lately for the systematic persecution of Christians by ISIS rebels. Many Christians in Iraq and Syria have been forced to flee, after being threatened to either pay a tax or convert to Islam. Others have been killed by ISIS militants while churches in places like Mosul burn. Where is the United States as these Christians are being targeted, forced to flee their homes? Missing in action, which has become the normal state of international affairs. Rep. Frank Wolf, a Republican from Virginia, slammed the administration for its silence. He made this statement on the House floor : "The silence in this town - in Washington - is deafening. Does Washington even care?" Meanwhile, France is opening its doors to Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution.

How About In China? Israel?
I haven't even touched on the persecution of Christians in China. You can read more about that in the Washington Free Beacon, where the government has ordered more than 100 churches to be destroyed. And we haven't even touched on the worldwide antisemitism taking place as businesses and Jewish people around the globe are being targeted. Who are we as a nation if we do not stand with those seeking to achieve or defend religious freedom?

Outrageous: Nancy Pelosi
It's absolutely chilling to think that a high ranking member of our government could entertain the thought of Hamas being simply a humanitarian organization. But that's exactly what we have with Nancy Pelosi. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made the bizarre observation on CNN's "State of the Union." She told Candy Crowley that "we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization, maybe they could use their influence to ..." Crowley attempted to get Pelosi out of potentially more hot water by correcting her: "The U.S. thinks they're a terrorist organization though, correct? Do you?" Pelosi couldn't even articulate a response, simply giving us an "Mmm hmm." You can read/see Pelosi's quote in context here. There is a bit of hope within the United States. New Pew Research polling finds that twice as many Americans blame Hamas (40%) for the current violence in Gaza compared to Israel (19%). Why is Washington having a hard time seeing it the same way?