Impeachment Distraction?
We've got a real constitutional crisis on our hands, but checking the authority of the president has become a laughing matter for Obama while also becoming a campaign tool for Democrats.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley says that we are at a constitutional tipping point, with more powers being concentrated in the Executive Branch than ever before. As president, Barack Obama has taken to unilaterally changing laws and simply failing to enforce laws he doesn't like. That's not how this is supposed to work, according to our framers who created a system of co-equal branches of government and separation of powers.

We have a problem. This is a potentially dangerous problem for all Americans because of the precedent being set by Obama. He is not a king and we should fear a system that enables that sort of behavior.

But we have another problem. Mechanisms for checking executive authority are built into our Constitution. One of those mechanisms is impeachment. But in today's society, impeachment has become incredibly politically charged. Instead of being viewed as a legitimate tool to check the power and authority of a potentially abusive branch of government, it has been degraded into a partisan political sideshow…read more
Outrageous: Lois Lerner
What does Lois Lerner think about us conservatives? New outrageous emails have revealed her true feelings about the type of Americans her agency targeted.

House Republicans released emails from Lois Lerner, former director of the Office of Exempt Organizations at the IRS. Lerner has pled the Fifth when called before Congress to testify on her agency's orchestrated effort to target conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. If you will recall, not long ago the IRS revealed that it has lost all of Lerner's emails after a computer crash and the hard drives had allegedly been recycled. Since that time, apparently some of the emails have been found. Now that we are coming to learn the true nature of those emails, it's no wonder why the IRS may not have wanted Congress and the American people to see their content.

In a 2012 email discussion with an unnamed source about conservative talk radio show hosts, Lerner says, “Maybe we are through if there are that many a—holes.” The other individual responds by describing talk radio callers as “rabid,” to which Lerner responds, “So we don’t need to worry about alien terrorists. It’s our own crazies that will take us down.”

It's clear that Lerner holds a personal animus against conservatives and then took the next step in using the jackboot of government to punish these people she so deeply despised…read more