Immigration Crisis Swells
President Obama will meet with Texas Governor Rick Perry this week to discuss the crisis at our border, though he still will not visit the actual border.

Major Garrett reports that they will meet in Dallas on Wednesday. This comes after Perry refused Obama's invitation to simply shake hands at the airport, instead insisting on a substantive meeting to discuss the situation.

Obama will still do his fundraising while in Texas. In fact, Breitbart reports that one fundraiser will be held in the home of Austin-based filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, directors of a pro-illegal immigration film.

Obama's unwillingness to visit the border has some comparing him to George W. Bush's decision not to visit New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Ed Rogers writes in the Washington Post, “It’s shocking that the president would avoid visiting ground zero of what essentially constitutes an invasion of America.” But the White House insists that it is “not worried about those optics.”

Unable to get a response from the White House as to whether or not these illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay in the United States, the White House is requesting $2 billion from Congress to hire more immigration judges and open up more facilities. That doesn't exactly sound like they intend to send them back home…(continue reading)

Rand Paul Calls Border Crisis A ‘Humanitarian Nightmare’
Eric Bolling, guest host of ‘Hannity’ welcomed Sen. Rand Paul to the program to discuss the crisis at the border. Paul disagreed with Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer that we should work on building a border fence.

“Didn't we finance and fund and legislate for a fence nearly 10 years ago? Why was it never built? And this is the question why some of us who -- I am for some form of immigration reform, but I've steadfastly said I can't vote for something that doesn't have border security first,” said the senator.

“Right now, we have a humanitarian nightmare down there, with every child from Central America wanting to come across the border. You can't have a beacon to the whole world to come unless you have a secure border. So that's why many of us conservatives have been saying we have to secure the border first.” (continue reading)