Our "No Strategy" President
It turns out that Barack Obama has known about the threat from ISIS for over a year, yet he still doesn't have a strategy to handle ISIS militants?  This is embarrassing, not to mention dangerous.

During a press conference last week, Obama revealed that “we don't have a strategy yet" for dealing with ruthless ISIS militants that have taken over much of Iraq and Syria, establishing a caliphate and imposing a humanitarian crisis in the region.  Even former WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called this a “wince-able” moment.

This is the same group, which Obama compared to a “jayvee” team of Islamic rebels just months ago.  Yet that very “team” managed to become the wealthiest, most ruthless brand of Islamic jihadists in recent memory. 

ISIS seemingly exploded onto the scene out of nowhere earlier this summer.  They moved quickly in taking towns and military installations in Iraq and Syria, appearing to blindside Iraqi intelligence officials who were incapable of stopping them.  Then, just days ago ISIS beheaded American journalist James Foley and is threatening to do the same to others.

But it turns out that this threat may not have been as much of a surprise to someone: Barack Obama.  According to a report by Fox News' Catherine Herridge, a former Pentagon official has confirmed that Obama has been receiving “detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of ISIS” for at least a year!  The information was included in the Presidential Daily Briefing.  According to the official, “the data was strong, and 'granular' in detail, adding a policy maker '…could not come away with any other impression: This is getting bad.'”

Furthermore, Herridge reports that Obama received this intelligence by reading his daily briefings, rather than being briefed by someone who would then be able to answer any questions or provide further information.  How often did Obama send away for further information after reading his daily briefings?  Not with frequency.

Does the president simply thinks he knows it all?  Or is it that he doesn't care or doesn't comprehend the full weight of his challenges?

It should be extremely disconcerting to us as Americans, who hope we have a president who understands the threats facing our nation.  It should be disconcerting to our allies, who shouldn't doubt our commitments or capabilities.  America's perceived weakness and fecklessness simply emboldens our enemies.

Why America Should Worry About ISIS
With the beheading of journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS and increased threats in Britain, many US officials have said the radical Islamic group is a direct threat to the United States. Former CIA director James Woolsey joined Sean on ‘Hannity’ to provide insight into the threat.

“These people are not just terrorists, they’re much worse than that. They are theocratic, genocidal imperialists. They believe God is on their side so it’s fine for them to burry you alive or crucify you. They think they should control everything about you - what you think, what you say and what you do. They want total control and they are building and empire,” the former director explained. You can watch Sean’s entire interview with James Woolsey here.