CNN is coming under fire for misquoting Donald Trump, claiming that the GOP presidential nominee supports "racial profiling" as a means of combating terrorism. In reality, Trump has never voiced support for the practice of racial profiling, and CNN arbitrarily added the word "racial" to their reporting.

The misquote came when CNN reported on comments Trump made to Fox and Friends on Monday regarding the recent terror attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota. During his interview, Trump suggested the U.S. adopt screening similar to that of Israel.

"But Israel has done an unbelievable job," Trump told Fox and Friends. "They profile. They see somebody that's suspicious, they will profile. They will take that person in, they'll check them out--what choice do we have?"

When CNN reported on the quote, they quoted Trump as having said that "'racial profiling' will stop terror", using quotation marks around "racial profiling".

The misquote was first noticed by Scott Adams, the famed creator of Dilbert, who posted a screenshot of the misquote:

CNN's Erin Burnett reported Trump's comments similarly:

This isn't the first time CNN has been busted selectively editing quotes. In August, the news network edited the word "crooked" out of a Tweet from Donald Trump in reference to Hillary Clinton.

Just this weekend, CNN edited Hillary Clinton's response to the terror attacks by removing her references to "bombings" so that they could criticize Trump for using the very same word.

CNN has yet to offer a correction (for any of their editing misadventures). We won't hold our breath.

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