British Prime Minister Theresa May officially triggered Article 50 on Wednesday, beginning a two-year divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Brexit Leader and Trump-friend Nigel Farage celebrated the big news in typical English fashion: down at his local pub with a pint of beer.

The British politician spoke with the BBC outside a Westminster watering-hole.

"25 years I've been battling with this... In a sense for me, today's the day the impossible dream came true," said Farage. 

When asked why Brexit -which seemed impossible less than a decade ago- was able to pass during a nationwide referendum, Farage cited recent failures across the Eurozone. 

"I think there was basic feeling that we were losing the ability to chart our own future, to make voting really matter, and to control our borders, so a load of things that came together," he said. 

Watch Nigel Celebrate Brexit above.