In 2010, my brother, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by Mexican drug traffickers after a fierce gun battle near the town of Rio Rico, Arizona. The weapons used by the Mexicans were obtained through a U.S. Alcohol Tabaco and Firearms gunrunning scheme known as, “Operation Fast and Furious.”

Years after Brian’s murder, my family is still waiting to learn the truth behind the Obama Administration’s operation that caused my brother’s death.

In June of 2012 President Obama asserted executive privilege in an effort to hide the truth and evidence from Congress regarding Operation Fast and Furious. When this happened we knew It was much bigger than my family and the American people comprehend. We also knew that then-Attorney General Eric Holder was protecting the President at the expense of the truth and justice for the victims.  What is it they were hiding?

It seems that every single time someone in the House or Senate decides to take on this scandal to find the truth, they back off at the last minute or fail to deliver any form of justice. Is it possible that Brian’s murder could expose some very powerful people? Not one ATF agent involved in Operation Fast and Furious has been punished. Instead, they were transferred, took early retirements or were just demoted with same pay.  Basically, the government gave them a small slap on the wrist for their participation in a horrific program which took the life of a dedicated Border Patrol agent and U.S. Marine.

How do we as Americans let this happen? There were thousands of guns walked over our borders and literally put into the hands of violent drug cartels.  The Obama Administration lied about this outrageous operation from the beginning. When exposed, the Administration engaged in a cover-up at the highest levels of our government.  And, to this day, Brian hasn’t received truth, accountability or justice and our family has not had the peace or closure we deserve.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, my family met with then-candidate Trump twice. He promised us that if he became president, he would get my family the answers we deserve. We hope Brian’s justice has not fallen through the cracks again with a new administration. Our hope is that President Trump and the U.S. Department of Justice will take the time to review the documents surrounding Fast and Furious.  My family can handle truth much better than lies. We believe we have the right to know every detail.

Politics and egos need to be set aside and accountability needs to happen.  We would like to see the President take control and expose those who have spent years covering up the truth.

In April, Mexican authorities arrested the suspected shooter of my brother and it is my hope he soon will be extradited to America to face Justice.  How ironic that he was reported to have been deported 7 times from America before he shot my brother dead in America.

It is not too late to bring those to justice who are responsible for the death of my brother.

Please Mr. President – bring justice and closure to my family and to our nation.

Kent Terry is the brother of fallen border patrol agent Brian Terry.