An overly aggressive press pool stampeded in to the Oval Office on Friday, nearly destroying furniture as the media struggled to get a glimpse of President Trump’s meeting with newly elected South Korean President Moon.

The chaos erupted as members of the White House press pool and foreign journalists were allowed in to the Oval office for an official photo opportunity between the two world leaders.

One woman can be heard urging her colleagues to use restraint as they entered the room, saying “No pushing, no pushing.” Trump officials can also be heard in the background, instructing reporters to take it “easy.” The reporters continued to pile up, raising security concerns for both Presidents. 

At one point, a herd of reporters nearly destroyed a White House lamp situated directly next to Trump himself, prompting the President to scorn the press.

“Easy fellas, fellas, fellas, easy,” said the President as the journalists continued to struggle for a better view.

“Wow, you guys are getting worse,” added the President.

Watch the chaotic moment above.