The mainstream media, desperate for a victory, is now claiming that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda rebuffed a handshake by Donald Trump during the president's visit to Poland.

The New York Daily News, for example, tweeted out an image of the greeting with the headline "WATCH IT: First Lady of Poland snubs President Trump’s attempted handshake."

Similarly Newsweek published an article entitled "Watch Donald Trump Handshake Rejected By Polish First Lady in Hilariously Awkward Exchange." Huffington Post similarly wrote that "Poland's First Lady Ignored The Hell Out Of Trump's Handshake." Even the vaunted Washington Post got in on the fake news action, publishing the story under the headline "Polish first lady passes over Trump's handshake."

Of course, the story is wishful thinking on the part of the left-wing media. As the video of the event clearly shows, the first lady of Poland first shakes the hand of first lady Melania Trump, then immediately shakes President Trump's hand.

Watch the video below: