Speaking on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night, guest-host Jeanine Pirro asked Fox’s Gregg Jarrett and Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci to weigh-in on allegations that CNN violated state and federal law when it threatened the source behind the infamous Trump-wrestling video clip.

“Think about what CNN has done,” said Jarrett. “They have said, ‘If you Mr. Reddit user do something that we don’t like, we’re going to publicly expose you to contempt and ridicule and scorn.’ That’s a violation of the law.”

“The real straight-forward law of coercion says you can’t threaten somebody to coerce them in to abstaining from otherwise legal behavior, that’s an absolute crime,” he added.

Jarrett went on to explain that not only did CNN violate New York State Coercion laws, it also violated a specific federal statute.

“You also have a federal law, it’s called ‘Conspiracy Against Rights.’ It basically says you can’t threaten and intimidate somebody for using their constitutional right to freedom of speech under the first amendment,” he said.

Judge Pirro then prodded Scaramucci for his overall assessment of the recent controversies that have embroiled the cable news network, asking the Trump insider “What do you think is going on at CNN right now?”

“Sometimes when you lose sight of your moral compass and your grounding of what you need to do in terms of your editorial coverage... you’re running amok now. So hopefully this will bring the pendulum back for them,” said Scaramucci.

“People are starting to tune them out as it relates to what they’re saying about the President,” he added.

Watch the exchange above.