Former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton slammed members of his own party on Monday, attacking fellow liberals after a new poll shows most Americans think the democratic party “just stands against Trump” and has no “winning message.”

Clinton’s Chief of Staff Mack McLarty lashed out at his colleagues on MSNBC after a recent survey says that just 37% of likely voters believe the democratic party “stands for something.” More than 50% of those asked said the party is simply obstructing President Trump’s political agenda.

“I want to hit on some poll numbers as it relates to Democrats, now out from [this poll]. 37% of people polled by ABC News and the Washington Post say the democrats ‘Stand for something,’ only 37%,” said MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson. “More than half say the democratic party’s only message is standing against Donald Trump. Is that winning messaging for democrats?” she asked the top Clinton aide.

“Unlikely. Unlikely,” he said. “They’ve got to do more than just be against Trump. That won’t do it, and it shouldn’t do it. The American people deserve better.”

Democrats are searching for new leadership and a new message after a string of special election defeats have left party officials reeling. Prominent liberal lawmakers have openly called for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to resign from her position, but have made little progress in ousting the left-wing congresswoman.