Liberal activists and left-wing demonstrators were left scratching their heads during a recent anti-Trump rally after one twitter-user posed a simple question to the protesters: name just one example of President Donald Trump’s racism.

The President has been under fire from the media and liberals since announcing his presidential campaign; often labeled a racist, xenophobe, misogynist, Islamophobe, and countless other baseless defamations.

Social media activist Austen Fletcher went to an anti-Trump rally last week to find out just what the President has said or done to get the left so riled up.

“No to Trump,” said one man, crawling around on the floor while wearing a spider-man mask.

“Why no Trump?” asked Fletcher.

“'No Trump' says 'no to racism.' Let’s have a color-filled America. A melting-pot, like America was supposed to be built-on,” said the unidentified protester.

Fletcher pushed back, asking, “What about the diversity you’re seeing on the Trump side. There’s blacks, Hispanics, gays for Trump, there’s a lot of different people that support Trump.”

“Is there? Oh wow,” said the stunned ‘Spiderman.’

Fletcher asked other demonstrators what the President has said or done that makes him a ‘racist.’

“Where are you seeing racism?” he asked two left-wing protesters.

“On television, anywhere really,” said the woman, adding she “didn’t know” specific examples.

Watch the cringe-worthy video above.