The President confirmed on social media Friday that the United States military has settled on its plan of attack should war break out between the US and North Korea, adding that the armed forces were "locked and loaded" and urging Kim Jong Un to go down "another path."

President Trump made the shocking announcement on twitter, where he warned the communist nation that "military solutions are now fully in place" and will be used if "North Korea acts unwisely."

The President's harsh words come less than a day after he doubled-down on his "fiery" rhetoric against the hermit kingdom, saying his "fire and fury" comments may not have been "strong enough" in conveying the United States' firm position against North Korea.

Trump and his national security team have made it clear in recent weeks they are totally unwilling to "co-exist" with a nuclear-armed North Korean regime.

Secretary of Defense Jim 'Mad Dog' Mattis echoed the President's comments, saying any war between the US and North Korea would result in the 'end' of the regime.

Kim Jong Un remains undeterred, however, revealing his attack plans against the US territory of Guam within hours of Trump's threat.