Mark Simone

Special Guest Host Mark Simone!

3:30PM ET - Lou Dobbs, Host of Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network, talks to Mark about the ongoing crisis with North Korea, the struggle to find peace with the international community on both NATO and Iran, and finally the ongoing investigation into the massacre committed by Stephen Paddock. Finally, Lou had some choice words for NFL players who continue to kneel for the anthem:

"It’s no wonder that ESPN is struggling and losing subscribers, facing higher costs and a decline in ad revenue, and that’s where we are in this NFL player-led protest," Dobbs said on his prime-time program.

"These protesting NFL players are such ingrates that they, and some of the sportscasters who cover them, believe that standing for the national anthem hand over heart constitutes some form of — Are you ready? — oppression. Good grief!" (h/t The Hill)

4:05PM ET - Larry Kudlow, CNBC host, former Reagan administration economist and author of the new book JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity, is here with his analysis of President Trump’s tax plan and budget proposal. 

Conservative economic analyst Larry Kudlow said on Sunday that businesses no longer feel like they are the enemy of Washington under President Trump. 

"Donald Trump is, in fact, ending the war on business," Kudlow said in an interview with John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York.

"Trump is ending the punishment of investment. That's what this tax bill is really about: The return on capital will go up after tax. The cost of capital will go down after tax. And that will lead directly into new business projects, and more hires, and better wages and productivity. It doesn't get any better than this," he continued. ( H/T THE HILL)

5:05PM ET - Tammy Bruce, Fox News Contributor and Radio Talk Show Host, gives us her perspective on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault cases. What does it mean that Hollywood was so late to address and reprimand such a prominent figure in their circles? What about those that now say they knew this behavior was going on? Why did they not step forward sooner?