The Obama Administration’s priorities certainly seem to be out of whack to say the least. Last month, pointed out how the White House responded faster to requests for their beer recipes and calls for the U.S. to build a Star Wars “Death Star,” than they have to the petition for the safe return of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi currently jailed in Mexico (as of today, they still haven’t replied to the Tahmooressi petition).

President Obama’s silence on Tahmooressi’s plight has been deafening. Not once has he called the Marine or his family, met with his family or released a statement about this human rights violation. Meanwhile, the president has found plenty of time to call, meet, tweet and honor celebrities, athletes and birth control/illegal alien/ gay marriage activists.

Andrew’s mother, Jill Tahmooressi says, “My only concern is that, to me, I consider Andrew a hostage. He is in a foreign country…without any evidence to suggest that he intentionally and purposefully would drive into Mexico. I would think that Andrew would be on the short list of those that President Obama is concerned about. The fact that he hasn’t responded to the White House petition concerns me. Andrew doesn’t seem to be on his radar.”

Below is a list of 25 people/celebrities/sports teams/liberal activists the president has graciously made time for, while taking zero action on a U.S. Marine being held unjustly in a Mexican prison for over 142 days. The list is broken down into three categories:Phone calls from the President, Meetings with the President and tweets, statements or letters from the President

Phone calls from Obama:

  1. Sandra Fluke-Obama called her to encourage and thank her for speaking out about wanting free birth control for women.
  2. Jason Collins- Collins is an NBA player and publicly announced that he was gay. This prompted Obama to call him and say he’s “impressed by his courage”
  3. Jeffrey Lurie- Obama called the Philadelphia Eagles owner to tell him how happy he is that dog-killer, Michael Vick will get a second chance at playing football.
  4. Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard- Obama called the U.S. men’s national team members for the 2014 World Cup to commend them for their performance.
  5. Dustin Brown- President Obama called LA Kings team captain to congratulate him on winning the 2014 Stanley Cup.
  6. Henry Louis Gates- Obama called the Harvard Professor who had a spat with Cambridge, MA police.
  7. Geno Auriemma- Obama called the UConn basketball coach to congratulate him on their victory over Louisville in the national championship game.
  8. Seattle Storm, WNBA team- The president called the members of the team to congratulate them on winning the championship.
  9. Prop 8 plaintiffs – Captured live on MSNBC, President Obama called them to congratulate them on the Supreme Court decision on DOMA.
  10. John Farrell-Obama called the Boston Red Sox manager to congratulate him on winning the World Series.
  11. Mike McCarthy- Obama called the Greenbay Packers head coach to congratulate him on his 2011 Super Bowl victory.
  12. Nick Saban- Obama called University of Alabama football coach to congratulate him on his win.

Meetings with Obama 

  1. 19 NAACP championship basketball teams 
  2. San Francisco Giants- Obama honored the 2012 world champions
  3. Baltimore Ravens team- Obama honored the 2013 Super Bowl champions
  4. LA Galaxy team – Obama honored the 2012 Major League Soccer champions
  5. Minnesota Lynx women’s basketball team- Obama honored them for their victory in the WNBA finals.
  6. Seattle Seahawks- Obama honored the 2014 Super Bowl champions
  7. Illegal Aliens- Obama met with “Dreamers” in June of 2014 and were honored as “Champions of Change,” who “serve as success stories and role models in their academic and professional spheres.”
  8. Miami Heat- Obama honored the 2013 NBA champions

Statements/Tweets/Letters/Video Messages from Obama

  1. Michael Sam-Obama released a statement on the first openly gay NFL draft player.
  2. Becky Hammon- The president tweeted his support for the first full-time female NBA coach.
  3. Jordan Morgan- The University of Michigan basketball player received a letter from Obama congratulating him on graduating college.
  4. Michael Phelps-President Obama tweeted him after his record breaking gold medal win during the Olympics.
  5. 2014 Gay Games- President Obama took time to make a video address for the Opening Ceremonies of the gay athletic event.

I'm Begging you, Mr. President: Send us a Sign

President Obama: Can you please send us any sort of sign that you are aware of your decorated Marine being held in a prison in Mexico? Blink twice if you know of Sgt. Tahmooressi’s unjust imprisonment in a foreign country. Or maybe, wear a USMC hat next time you hit the golf course on Martha’s Vineyard to send us a signal. Give us a sign that you care about this young man. I’ll even take a pathetic twitter photo of you donning a sad face (a la Michelle Obama style) holding up a sign saying “Bring Back Our Marine.” Could you please take five minutes of your day to call the family of this Purple Heart recipient who fought for your country’s freedoms and liberty? 

*Author’s note: This author is well aware that sports figures, celebrities and activists have had the honor of meeting or speaking with presidents for decades. The point of this list is not to criticize the President for making time for these different public figures so much as it is a criticism of how he has not made time for an American hero in serious trouble and has been subjected to horrible conditions. All the president has to do is say “boo” to the President of Mexico, and Sgt. Tahmooressi would be released. Yet he can’t bring himself to do that or to contact the Marine or his family.