Yesterday Barack Obama took the time out of his vacation schedule to go to Washington and make some remarks on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.  Now he heads back to Martha's Vineyard as Attorney General Eric Holder heads to Ferguson tomorrow.  In the meantime, tensions have not subsided.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon deployed the National Guard yesterday, but that failed to quell the tensions.  The St. Louis NAACP condemned the calling of the National Guard, by the way.  On Monday, police came under “heavy gunfire” and Molotov cocktails were thrown at officers as they attempted to keep the protesting crowds moving.  According to reports, at least two people were shot last night and over 30 people were arrested.  Guns were also used by protesters to get into businesses that were locked.  Not a single shot was fired by police.  Breitbart's Kerry Picket reported that gas masks are selling out quickly.  And have you seen the chilling “ISIS here” sign among the protesters?

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

More than a dozen witnesses have reportedly come forward to confirm officer Wilson's version of the shooting, though we must remain measured in our rush to judgement.  According to one woman, “Josie,” who called into a St. Louis radio station, the confrontation began after Brown and his friend were told to stop walking in the street.  After realizing that they fit the description of robbery suspects, the caller describes the following: “The caller said the men fought near the car, then Brown went a distance away, turned and charged the officer. 'He just started to come at him full speed,' the caller said. 'And so he just started shooting, and he just kept coming. . . . The final shot was in the forehead, and he fell about two, three feet in front of the officer.'”  Yesterday the country and family autopsy results revealed that Brown suffered six gunshot wounds and marijuana in his system.

Tomorrow, Attorney General Eric Holder will arrive in Ferguson to oversee the federal investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9th.  Holder has pledged “full resources” to help in the investigation, though he has already been critical of the way local police have handled information.  For example, he is “troubled” by the “selective” release of the video of Brown allegedly stealing cigars from the convenience store on the day of his death.

For all of the focus both the president and the attorney general have put on Ferguson, one has to wonder why there has never been such a national outrage over the shooting deaths taking place on a daily basis in cities like New York or Chicago.  In Chicago alone over the last few days, seven people have been killed and 29 have been wounded.  Why is there no outrage, protests and investigations on any of these deaths?  Why the selective moral outrage?  Dr. Ben Carson offered his opinion on this, saying that it is politically incorrect to blame the wrong people.  Nonetheless, it's a tragedy what is happening on a daily basis in these cities that is gaining little attention from Obama, Holder and the Department of Justice. 

Unfortunately, it smacks of political expediency.  President Obama felt the need to weigh in on highly charged racial topics in the past including Trayvon Martin and the Cambridge police who “acted stupidly.”  At least in this case he reserved a bit of judgement, but he has still chosen to speak out twice on this single issue in the last few days.

On top of all this, we are also getting reports that liberal activists and Jesse Jackson are setting up voter registration drives in Ferguson amidst the violent protests.