President Obama is at it again.

He is trying to solidify international limits on carbon emissions that would apply to the United States, and he wants to bypass the Senate in order to do so.

Obama wants to pursue a “politically binding” U.N. accord on climate change, which would sidestep any “legally binding” agreement by U.S. lawmakers.

“The Times reported that while the agreement would not have the full force of a treaty, it would 'name and shame' countries into cutting fossil fuel emissions.”

So much for the rule of law and checks and balances. We now have a president who gets to decide which policies and legislation he'd like to implement, and he just goes and does it himself.

Obama has brought us to a constitutional tipping point. We must be concerned that our president is asserting this much power at the expense of checks and balances and the integrity of our system of government.

Source: Fox News