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By Sean Hannity | Jan. 7, 2014 02:27pm

John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, is the founder and chief executive of Citizens for Affordable Energy, a nonprofit, nonpartisan energy policy group in Washington, has been a guest on my show many times. Hofmeister has reiterated, on each of his visits to the show, that the United States has more oil and natural gas in America than we will EVER USE.

Advancing technology through horizontal drilling and hydrofracking has given America a viable economic solution. These developments will enable the United States to regain financial stability. Every single fiscal issue this country faces can be solved, in record time, if we move toward energy independence.

Take a look at some of the biggest obstacles before our nation today:
  • Unemployment problem
  • Deficit problem
  • Debt problem
  • Dependency problem
  • Social Security and Medicare problems
  • Healthcare problems

How many of these can be solved if we engage proactively in the effort to become energy independent? All of them. Each and every one of these items can be solved by America adopting an aggressive energy independence posture which includes coal.

You may be asking yourself, then why are we not doing this? Why is our government not pursuing an avenue that would employ our people? Why the mysterious reluctance and resistance? Why are we an importer and not an exporter of energy? Why are we importing oil from countries that hate us and creating wealth for those who raise their voice against everything we support?

The answer in short is politics, and a failure of true leadership. Radical environmentalists have more influence in Washington then you do.Capitol Hill is filled with appeasers who would rather placate than work for a real solution. Think about the Keystone Pipeline, it is more important that we do not offend the opponents of the pipeline, they are higher up on the food chain than those individuals who would benefit from its implementation.

Regardless of your opinions on oil, it is the lifeblood of our economy.We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas and shale oil, and we have more untapped resources than most Middle East countries combined.

Take a look at the states that are progressing and whose economies are booming; what do they have in common? While the rest of the country struggles with job availability, and an increased dependence on government, North Dakota has an unemployment rate of just 2.6 percent. How come Midland,Texas has a low unemployment rate of 3.2 percent? The answer is simple: energy, drilling, fracking, black gold, Texas tea, etc. And as of right now these are happening and creating prosperity, no thanks to the government; most of this is happening, you guessed it.....ON PRIVATE LANDS.

With all of the resources America has (see below) we can duplicate and institutionalize the success of North Dakota and Midland.

Think of the benefits:
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs - we need them...desperately
  • With new jobs comes less dependency
  • With more jobs come higher wages and benefits, more purchasing power
  • More people working comes more money in taxes and fewer people on welfare and food stamps
  • With the increase in supply of energy comes the natural reduction of costs, paying less at the pump, paying less for heating and cooling, and that equals more dispensable income for you the taxpayer
  • Energy as the core of the economy produced in U.S. creates more supply, more supply means lower costs of production, meaning consumers pay less for goods and services, which means more ability to save, and then spend
  • A rising tide lifts all boats, as seen in North Dakota were growing income and job creation has resulted in the building of new homes, schools, infrastructure, a massive state surplus, lower taxes, and trainees at Walmart getting $17 dollars an hour

An added bonus of becoming energy independent: NATIONAL SECURITY. No longer will we be at the mercy of countries whose every goal centers around the demise of the United States. Also, but for supporting our friend and ally Israel, our presence in the Middle East can be forever greatly reduced. The tyrants, dictators, Kings, Supreme Leaders and sheiks will no longer become Billionaires on the backs of hard working Americans.

Here is a link to an interview with John Hofmeister. I urge you to listen to the segment, and ask yourself why you would ever vote for a politician that is not advancing this solution to save America, for the long-term, on a daily basis?

Below is part of an article by John that appeared in The Energy Guardian, written just before the 2012 elections, I believe this is especially poignant to this segment of the Conservative Solutions Caucus:

The failure to act in any meaningful, practical, here-and-now manner regarding energy over these past four years has left me without confidence to renew the incumbent’s contract.

The challenger is not without experience or track record by which to measure whether he knows when to act or how to think. He’s been tested, succeeded, failed at times, learned the lessons of executive leadership and keeps coming back for more. We’re not exactly going through good times here. When we need executive leadership, we need it. Now is such a time. I believe the challenger is less a risk than the incumbent. And it will take more than the promise to deliver. It will also take what I haven’t heard yet: a plan for the future looking at the next 10, 15 to 25 and then 50 years and more. It must be a plan with goals, objectives, milestones, responsibilities and accountabilities by which an executive can measure progress against objectives.

It needs to be a plan that calls on those who think and those who do: a plan that integrates the real world with our future world. The incumbent fails to understand, appreciate or do that. And there are consequences for failure at high levels.

We could well be on the cusp of a new prosperity such as we have not seen since the multi-decade post-WWII building of the nation. Replacing and upgrading our 20th century energy system built for 200-plus million Americans with a robust 21st century energy system taking advantage of a comprehensive plan that incorporates both traditional and alternative sources of energy, innovation and new technologies, for the anticipated 400 million-plus Americans by 2040 could become the economic engine for growth we need.

The future is at stake; we don’t need more of the past.

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