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The Great Debate 2011 was a great success! Reverend Al Sharpton invited Sean to be a part of this year’s National Action Network convention. Over 800 guests of both NAN participants and Hannity fans came together to cheer on two of the most prominent political leaders. While the Reverend and Sean don’t agree on...well anything, they did find common ground and appealed to the entire audience when discussing their concern that the country is headed in the right direction, their faith in God and their friendship. 

While the audience may have been polarized, Sean and Reverend’s mutual respect and admiration for one another showed the audience that opposites can co-exist and maintain a friendship and still have an aggressive debate over the most serious issues that face our nation.

Another guest of the NAN convention was president Obama himself. He attended their gala and spoke for approximately 30 minutes the night before Sean’s debate. The NAN attendees got quite a treat to hear the president himself in person and then watch the reverend defend him the next night.  Having listened to a presumably elegant speech the night before from the president made many in the audience very passionate and emotional listening to Sean and Reverend’s rhetoric. 

When Sean asked if Obama asked about him the Reverend paused and said “we had more important things to discuss” which got a laugh from the audience. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes video, photos, and determine for yourself who the winner of the ‘Great Debate of 2011’ is:

Elisha takes us behind the scenes at the Great Debate! {VIDEO}
Sean and Sharpton go onto the stage {VIDEO}
Elisha interviews Tamara Holder {VIDEO}
Elisha talks to Angela McGlowan {VIDEO}
Elisha speaks with Jedediah Bila {VIDEO}
Photos from the debate! {PHOTOS}