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On Sunday, October 21, 2012, the undersigned representatives of the “Industry Group” and the United States Tennis Association met together in Chicago to discuss the National Junior Competition changes. We had an excellent meeting. Both the USTA and the Industry Group listened and exchanged ideas in a spirit of mutual respect. In addition, both sides learned a great deal from one another, including the USTA’s overall strategy to grow the sport and allow each player to develop to his or her potential.

It was agreed that there will be no changes to the National Junior Competition Schedule for 2013. In addition, it was agreed that between now and mid-March there will be a series of transparent and inclusive “Town Hall Listening Meetings” at which industry representatives,parents, coaches, players, tournament directors, USTA representatives, and other interested parties will discuss, and explore refinements to, the Junior Competition Schedule for 2014 and beyond.

USTA Representatives Industry Representatives
Jon Vegosen
Chairman of the Board & President
Steve Bellamy
Founder of the Tennis Channel & Tennis Parent
Dave Haggerty
First Vice President
Sean Hannity
Host of Hannity & Tennis Parent
Timothy Russell, Chairman
USTA Junior Competition Committee
Kevin Kempin
CEO of Head North America & Tennis Parent
Gordon Smith
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
Antonio Mora
CBS News Anchor & Tennis Parent
Kurt Kamperman
Chief Executive, Community Tennis
Robert Sasseville
National Tournament Director
Lew Brewer
Director of Junior Competition


The above letter is an agreement that was reached yesterday after a meeting in Chicago.

For those of you that have been following this issue, you know that I have been very critical of the USTA and its proposed changes and reductions in national tournament opportunities for Juniors.

I am very pleased to report to you that the meeting went extremely well....

As the above letter points out, 2013 changes will be put on hold, but more importantly, there will be numerous opportunities for Junior players, Parents, Coaches, Directors and others to NOW BECOME INVOLVED in the process.

This is a tremendous opportunity for anybody and everybody that has a passion for American tennis and Junior development.

I want to personally and publicly thank everybody involved for their hard work and dedication and most importantly for the desire to work with the USTA membership and get the best possible Junior Competition schedule.

The possibilities and ideas are inspiring and can benefit every American Junior at every level of development. Kids that are potential future Professional stars, kids that are on track to play college tennis, and amazing opportunities for young recreational players.

I sincerely believe that if people take full advantage of this open dialogue that is about to begin, you will all feel extremely optimistic about the Future af American tennis.

My many thanks to all....... More to come.



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