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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Momentum For Christie?
Two polls out today show New Jersey GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie leading against Gov. Jon Corzine. Rasmussen puts him up by 3 percentage points, while Public Policy Polling puts him up by 4 percentage points {Article}. Christie joined Sean on the NewsMaker hotline to discuss his campaign and commented on some of the negative comments Corzine has made towards Christie. In an ad created by the Corzine campaign, unflattering images of Christie’s weight were used and sparked a backlash against Corzine. Christie told Sean that he felt Corzine tried to exploit a decades-long battle with his weight. "There's a lot of people out in New Jersey who have the same kind of struggles, and I think that kind of stuff is just beneath the office that the governor holds," said Christie. Many feel the Christie/Corzine race a sample of the whole fight being played out nationally over the heart and soul of the Republican Party. New Jersey, with the country's only governor's race besides Virginia's open-seat election, may provide a chance for a Republican comeback.

Senator Grassley Against Reid Plan
The newest version of the Obama Care bill released by Harry Reid earlier this week has already received opposition from Leiberman (see story below) and Olympia Snowe. Joining Leiberman and Snowe is Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley who joined Sean on the NewsMaker hotline to voice his opposition. The new version of the Obama Care bill includes a so-called “public option.” Grassley told Sean that the “public option is not an option.” “It’d be very difficult for me to support any public option, which is another word for a government-run health care plan, or another new entitlement on top of Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, which are already bankrupt,” Grassley said. The Senator said that Obama Care with the “public option” would bring a full government take-over with eventual rationing and delay or denial of care. Grassley said it would be better to focus on cleaning up the current marketplace, bringing stronger rules and regulations for private health plans.

Leiberman Will Block Vote On Reid Plan
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he will try to push through a health care reform bill with a public option. Shortly after Reid’s announcement, Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe said she would vote with fellow Republicans to block the Democratic health care bill if changes are not made to what Reid proposed. {AP Article}. To add to Reid’s troubles, Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman said today that while he won't necessarily vote to block Reid's plan from going to the Senate floor, he would ultimately oppose the measure because it includes a public option {Politico Article}. It's now unclear whether Reid, has the 60 votes needed for the troubled health care plan to win on the Senate floor. If it should fail, that certainly might change the thinking of House members, especially moderate Democrats.

Today’s “Hot Topic” From The Hannity Forums:
More Troops Needed in Afghanistan - Posted by Soldier_Scotty
President Obama has been asked by the military to send as many as 80,000 more troops. This request was this last summer. Here it is the end of October and nothing has been decided.

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