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Monday, November 9, 2009

Treasury Out Of Treasure: Healthcare Bill Passed The House!
Sean kicked off the show with the sad news that the house passed healthcare legislation. What is clear is that Nancy Pelosi strong-armed her Blue Dog Democrats. What’s not clear is how much we had to pay for it. “What you can bet on,” argued Sean, “is that we’re paying for these votes out of our treasury which is now out of treasure.” Sean, still obvious hot about the vote, continued to argue, “What all this means is you need to stay engaged because, in the end, your taxes will go up and you will receive inferior care.” It’s not too late to stop this legislation! Blue Dog Democrats are under an intense amount of pressure and the Senate is still far away from agreeing to this legislation. The Politico had a great review of what happened this weekend, read it here!

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Rickey Medlocke
Rickey Medlocke, the lead guitarist for Lynard Skynyrd, joined Sean on the NewsMaker hotline to talk about the 2010 Freedom Concert and to announce the 2010 Freedom Concert Anthem, That Ain’t My America. “I can’t thank you enough for joining us next year,” Sean said, “and this song is about how some are trying to change America at its core.” “We’re glad to be a part of it, “responded Rickey, “we’re glad for all the concert stands for.” For a quick listen to the new Hannity Freedom Concert Anthem, click here. Visit to purchase the new Christmas Packages.

Carrie Prejean: Still Standing
Former Beauty Queen, Carrie Prejean, joined Sean on the show to discuss her latest book, “Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks.” Her book addressed many of the controversies that threw her into the spotlight but, what it highlights more is how determined Ms. Prejean is to leading the new conservative movement that’s gaining ground by the day. Sean started the show by pressing Ms. Prejean on the existence of a controversial sex tape. Carrie was quick to honestly answer that the tape did exist and say, “This is the most humiliating thing I’ve had to deal with,” said Prejean, “and the important thing to do is take responsibility for it and face the challenge.” What a refreshing approach, especially when most public figures put spin on top of spin in an effort to grab the public spotlight. It’s amazing how the truth can really be the best “s pin.” To learn more about Carrie Prejean’s book, click here.