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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hannity: Have a Cautious Holiday Season
Sean opened the 2nd hour of the show warning listeners, “Before Christmas, I don’t want to put a damper on the holidays, but my gut tells me that if we’re not successful in changing the political winds we’re going to be in trouble.” CNBC banking analyst Meredith Whitney, in an interview this morning, cautioned that President Obama is “running out of bullets” when it comes to ways to recover the economy. She was quoted as saying, “What’s so frustrating is you have an administration that is arguing such a populist ideology and not appreciated all the unintended consequences.” Sean quickly interjected, “It’s not a populist ideology, it’s a socialist one!”

President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize
President Obama was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in making a lasting peace throughout the world. A frustrated Sean commented, “What we saw on display is a bit of a metaphor for the entire Obama Presidency – the fact that he’s been given this award is so absurd that even he had to admit he didn’t deserve it.” Sean hit the mark here. A few names to consider are former Nobel Peace Prize winners; Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Obama. Can you guess which of those names doesn’t fit?

Man On The Street Thursday: Liberals Attack!
Sean dispatched Eileen to the streets of New York City to help him find out whether people know more about Tiger Woods or Health Care reform. Can you guess what people knew more about? “Tell me in 30 seconds what you know about health care,” asked Sean to Caesar. “Aside from places that can’t afford health care, the United States has the worst health care,” offered Caesar. “If you can’t afford a place to live,” questioned Sean, “the government should provide it?” Caesar replied, “That definitely should be something that’s provided.” The country is lucky it’s not ruled by those who hang around Sean’s studio in New York City. To hear all the craziness, become a Hannity Insider today!