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Friday, December 18th, 2009

Santa Comes Out From His Bunker
Santa came from his bunker somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building to spread some holiday cheer. Sean asked Santa, “I have to ask is it particularly warm in the North Pole because we hear a lot about global warming these days.” Santa quickly replied, “It’s very very cold in the North Pole and the South Pole and in Copenhagen.” Santa left Sean with the promise that he’d deliver him a signed copy of “Liberty and Tyranny” which he’ll personally sign himself. Oh that clever shameless Santa!

No Invite For Sean
Last night was the annual White House Christmas Party for members of the media and guess who didn’t get an invite? That’s right, ours truly was left off the extensive guest list, and no he didn’t try and sneak past the Secret Service. Sean happily quipped, “I might be the only person who wasn’t invited and I can proudly announce I wasn’t invited.” He continued, “If I went I’d ask President Obama is he’d sit down and have that beer with me since, after all, he’s willing to sit down with Chavez. Want to see what Sean missed? Sushi and martinis! Newsweek had a great insider’s look of the party by author Howard Fineman.

The Chicago Way
Sean brought to light recent news reports that have suggested the Obama Administration is pushing hard on certain lawmakers. The Hill reported that Congressman Peter DeFazio recently received a phone call from White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel who was expressing his displeasure in the lack of support he’d been receiving from the Oregon Democrat. “I would have less of a voice and I would have less respect if I voted for things I didn’t believe in because of pressure from the leadership,” argued DeFazio. Keeping in mind that he was one of only two Democrats to vote against the $700 billion bank bailout, it’s clear that he doesn’t have a problem standing up to the pressure of “The Chicago Way” but we’d better hope his colleagues can do the same.

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