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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The Big Fight For “The People’s Seat”
GOP candidate Scott Brown packed a punch last night against Democratic state Attorney General Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts' debate for the late Ted Kennedy's senate seat. The host of the debate, David Gergen, asked Brown if he really wanted to replace Kennedy’s old seat and block health care reform. "Are you willing, under those circumstances, to say I'm gonna be the person, I'm gonna sit in Teddy Kennedy's seat, and I'm gonna be the person that's gonna block it for another 15 years," Gergen asked. Brown responded, "Well, with all due respect, it's not the Kennedys' seat, and it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat..." {Watch the video here}. “Ouch!” Sean commented, “that was a great line. This is good stuff -- Brown went into last night’s debate prepared! According to the latest polls, Brown stands one point ahead of Coakley. “The fact that it’s this close this late is just additional evidence of how much trouble Democrats are in this year,” Sean concluded.

Can Sue Lowden Defeat Reid?
Harry Reid’s approval ratings in Nevada have sunk to an all-time low, and he’s at risk of losing his reelection bid. Hoping to defeat Reid in this year’s election is Sue Lowden, a former anchorwoman and businesswoman from Nevada. Lowden joined Sean via the NewsMaker hotline to discuss her campaign. “Harry Reid at one time was more conservative. But he’s been [in the Senate] for three decades! He was a different person. But now he’s carrying the water of Nancy Pelosi and Obama and it’s the wrong way for our country,” Lowden told Sean.

Reid’s Racist Remarks
As has been widely reported in the news, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described President Barack Obama as “light-skinned” and lacking a “negro dialect” in the new book “Game Change.” Stephen A. Smith and Niger Innis joined Sean to discuss Reid’s comments. “I think he should resign,” said Smith, a journalist and sports radio host. “It’s not so much about his comments, but about what happened to Trent Lott in 2002. If it was good enough to have Lott ousted, it should be good enough for Reid.” Niger disagreed and tried to defend Reid’s comments. “If you look at what [Reid] said in context, there was nothing that he said that was wrong.” Using Niger's logic, it certainly seems as though a double standard exists when one considers Senator Lott's fate.

Show Guests

Sue Lowden

Sue Lowden is a longtime Nevada resident, philanthropist and an award-winning news reporter, anchorwoman and businesswoman. She has also served as a Nevada State Senator and Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. For more than 30 years, Sue Lowden has lived and worked in Nevada. In 1992, Lowden ran for the Nevada State Senate in her heavily Democratic-controlled district. She won that campaign by defeating Jack Vergiels, who then served as the Nevada Senate Majority Leader.

Stephen A. Smith

As a leading journalist, Stephen A. Smith has been up close and personal with the world's premier athletes, celebrities and newsmakers.

Niger Innis

Niger Innis is an American Republican consultant, strategist and National Spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).