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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Colossal Miscalculation On Health Care
Sean highlighted a terrific column by Charlie Cook appearing in the National Journal Magazine {Article} in which Cook makes the case that Obama has focused too much on health care. Cook writes, “The latest unemployment and housing numbers underscore the folly of their decision to pay so much attention to health care and climate change instead of focusing on the economy 'like a laser beam,' as President Clinton pledged to do during his 1992 campaign.” Add this to the recent troubles Obama has faced (CSPAN coverage, the Louisiana Purchase/Cornhusker Kickback and other backroom deals) and it’s no wonder his approval ratings have dissipated faster than Jay Leno’s late night audience.

‘Bottom Has Fallen Out’ Of Coakley’s Polls
There is a growing sense of doom among Democrats about the prospects of Martha Coakley winning in Massachusetts against Republican Scott Brown. Obama is scheduled to make a trip to Boston to campaign on Coakley’s behalf, but strategists are already trying to scheme strategies to protect the Anointed One should Coakley lose on Tuesday. A Coakley defeat could be a judgment on Obama's agenda and performance in office. Barney Frank, one of the top Democrats in Congress, told reporters today that if Brown wins “it kills the health care bill.” Brown has said he would be the 41st vote against the health bill.

Jake Tapper On Media Bias
Jake Tapper, senior White House correspondent for ABC News, joined Sean on the NewsMaker Hotline to discuss bias in the media. Tapper, who refused to bad mouth his fellow colleagues, did say that he felt the presidential candidates in 2009 were not treated equally. “During the campaign, then Senator Obama was treated differently than Hillary Clinton or Senator McCain. They [McCain, Palin and Clinton] were held to a tougher standard and I didn’t think that was fair,” said Tapper. The topic shifted to the upcoming election in Massachusetts and Tapper, like Sean, felt the Democrats were in rough shape. “The fact that Obama is making the trip up there says that the Democrats are worried,” Tapper added.

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Jacob Paul "Jake" Tapper (born March 12, 1969) is an American print and television journalist, currently the Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News in Washington, DC. He was named to that position the day after Election Day, 2008, having covered then-Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.