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Monday, January 25th, 2010

The Most Polarizing President In History
The Gallup Poll released an interesting report today: President Obama was the most polarizing first-year president in history. “This is the man who promised to heal the nation and bring us together as no other person on earth could who they thought descended from the clouds,” Sean recounted. The average difference in Obama's approval ratings between Democrats and Republicans was about 65 percent -- the highest first-year disparity of any president Gallup has measured {Article}.

The Reverse Midas Touch
These days, it seems that everything President Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid "touches" turns into a failure. The stock market plummeted last week after learning of new policies Obama had up his sleeve. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that existing home sales plunged in December, dropping lower than expected. Additionally, the White House appears split on how many jobs Obama’s “recovery act” has actually created. Speaking to his Middle Class Task Force today, President Obama said the stimulus has "saved or created about 2 million jobs so far." Yet, yesterday, three of his top aides were on the Sunday talk shows and each of them had a different number from the other {Article}. “People see right through these lies,” Sean said. “This nightmare just continues and they keep digging deeper, telling us that black is white and white is black and that everything is just fine.”

Democrats Suffer New Setbacks In Arkansas, Delaware
Democrats, still reeling from last week's upset loss of Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts, suffered another setback in Arkansas today when Rep. Marion Berry said he would retire at the end of this year. Additionally, Democratic state Attorney General Beau Biden said he would not seek his father’s (VP Joe Biden) old U.S. Senate seat this November. “Basically everything we predicted months ago,” Sean commented. “The recruitment of Republican candidates is going to be superb, money is going to flow to the Republican Party, Democratic candidates are going to see the handwriting on the wall and they’re all going to start bailing out one after the other.” For more developments on this story click here.