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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Democratic Shenanigans
Senator-elect Scott Brown demanded today to be seated immediately, saying that while he is slated to be sworn in February 11, 2010, "there are a number of votes scheduled prior to that date." Democrats would love to delay Browns’ seating and prevent him from voting on legislation they want to quickly pass before losing a seat in the Senate. “It’s always shenanigans with the Democrats. People are sick and tired of it,” an exasperated Sean told his audience.

Obama vs. Vegas
President Obama is in trouble -- again -- with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman over comments he made about the city. Yesterday, in New Hampsire, Obama said, "You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college. You prioritize. You make tough choices. It's time your government did the same." Mayor Goodman was livid when he learned of Obama’s choice of words. "I'll do everything I can to give him the boot," Goodman said of Obama. "This president is a real slow learner." Sean agreed, “Goodman is absolutely, positively right. Listen to your own advice Obama! Tighten your own belt before singling out Vegas.”

Charlie Crist Fading Fast
Republican Marco Rubio scored another straw-ballot victory today at a luncheon of the politically savvy Capital City Republican Club. Rubio received 71 votes to 15 for Crist in a test of support in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate nomination. Rubio has a streak of straw-ballot wins in county Republican meetings and GOP luncheon clubs across the state. Crist, on the other hand, has not won any. Last week, a statewide poll showed Rubio leading 47-44 in the GOP race. That is a huge turnaround from the beginning of the race in which Crist lead 54-23. Rubio’s popularity has stemmed from enormous grass roots support from conservative voters across the state. The primary may be far off (Aug. 24th), but it will be an uphill climb for Crist to get back into this race.

Show Guests

Juan Williams

Williams regularly appears on major radio and television programs, notably National Public Radio and the Fox News Channel. He also writes for leading newspapers including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and has been published in magazines including The Atlantic Monthly and Time.

Stuart Varney

Stuart Varney is a conservative British-American economic journalist, currently working for the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network in the United States. Varney joined Fox News in January 2004 as a business contributor on many shows, such as Your World with Neil Cavuto. Varney will also occasionally serve as guest host for Your World and the shows on the Cost of Freedom business block.

Marco Rubio

From 2000-2008, Rubio served in the Florida House of Representatives. During this period, he served as Majority Whip, Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, effectively promoting an agenda of lower taxes, better schools, a leaner and more efficient government and free market empowerment. During his legislative career, Rubio also promoted efforts to develop a world-class public school curriculum, increase performance-based accountability, enhance school choice and target the socio-economic factors affecting chronic academic underperformance. At the end of his tenure as Speaker, Rubio resumed his law practice as a sole practitioner. He has also served as a visiting professor at Florida International University's Metropolitan Center, worked as Florida Chairman of GOPAC and as a political analyst for Univision during the 2008 election cycle. Senator Rubio currently serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation , the Committee on... More >