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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Amy Kramer: Director of Grassroots and Coalition Tea Party Express
Sean was joined by Amy Kramer, the Director of Grassroots and Coalition for the Tea Party Express, to discuss the latest on the Tea Party movement and the conversations that Tea Party leaders have had with the GOP. The question everyone is starting to wonder is whether this movement will catch on and be a help or a hindrance to a conservative victory in 2010. “These movements were really inspiring and these tea parties have made me excited for the future of this country again,” praised Sean. Beyond his praise though Sean got to the heart of the question by asking Amy how her meeting with GOP Chairman Michael Steele went. “There was a true representation of people within the movement,” offered Amy, “there was a great dialogue and we’ve been screaming for someone to listen to us and now someone is.” It’s good to see that this group is putting conservative values first and, it seems, they may be anchori ng the GOP in 2010 as opposed to competing with them.

Stuart Varney and Bob Beckel
The great Stuart Varney joined the great Bob Beckel for yet another great debate. Varney kicked off the debate saying, “I can see Beckel flipping me the bird but we’re in deep trouble.” “What have we got for spending nearly $1 Trillion,” questioned Varney, “we’ve got failure.” Beckel laughingly replied, “Stuart I’d never flip you the bird because you’re my favorite conservative and let me add that we have only spent a third of the $1 Trillion.” Beckel continued, “Everywhere we look we see positive signs the market is rebounding and if we look back a year ago we were in much worse economic condition.” Are we really better off? Ask the nearly 10 percent who’re unemployed if we’re better off having spent all of the money we’ve had. It’s pretty clear what the answer is.

How Evil Works
Sean was joined by author David Kupelian who penned the book, “How Evil Works” which explores the inner workings of how evil works. “I couldn’t put this book down,” offered Sean, “this book goes a long way toward explaining what evil is.” Why is it so important to analyze evil? As David explains, “Look at Washington, they’re drawn to power and seduce the rest of us to all kinds of lies.” It’s true, can you think of a more evil place than Congress?

Show Guests

Stuart Varney

Stuart Varney is a conservative British-American economic journalist, currently working for the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network in the United States. Varney joined Fox News in January 2004 as a business contributor on many shows, such as Your World with Neil Cavuto. Varney will also occasionally serve as guest host for Your World and the shows on the Cost of Freedom business block.

Joe Wurzelbacher

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (born December 3, 1973), famously dubbed Joe the Plumber, is a resident of Ohio, United States who gained significant attention during the 2008 U.S. presidential election. As an employee of a plumbing contractor, he was given the moniker "Joe the Plumber" after he was videotaped questioning then-Democratic candidate Barack Obama about his small business tax policy during a campaign stop in Ohio. The Republican McCain-Palin campaign later applied "Joe the Plumber" as a metaphor for middle-class Americans. He subsequently published a book about his experiences, and has appeared as a motivational speaker and commentator.